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32691010 small“Doctor my skin feels dehydrated, like it is 'pulling' me. How can I help it?” 

32691010 smallFor many people, it is important not only to improve an "aging" skin, but to maintain a healthy skin that has not yet shown signs of aging or even to delay their appearance. It has recently been shown that the use of Broad Band Light known as (BBL), when applied in a specific mode, can transform an aging skin to a much younger one (which has also been proven at the level of genes).

32691010 smallWe are often concerned about the fine lines on the cheeks, which appear more often in people with a hereditary predisposition (they appear mainly on dry skin) and after chronic exposure to sunlight. 

32691010 smallOpen pores that look like small “holes” in the face are annoying to many of us. These are peculiarities of the skin structure and can be greatly improved by the application of peelings, microdermabrasion, fractional laser and dermapen..

22967746 smallDark circles are the black hollows under the eyes. The special anatomical features of the skin in this area are responsible for their formation. Here the skin is thinner (more transparent) and the vascular network that is below it, seems more intense and gives off a “purple” colour. 

22967746 smallSpider veins are small dilated blood vessels, visible on the face or legs. They do not create any symptom but cause discomfort for aesthetic reasons.

22967746 smallThese are probably the most difficult pigmentation problems which mainly concerns women. That involves the appearance of brown diffuse patches mainly on the face and rarely on the upper limbs and back.

32691010 smallOur hands are the second most exposed part of the body to chemicals substances, pollutants and sun rays. Nevertheless, we tend to neglect them more in relation to our face. The result is that the signs of ageing become more prominent on our hands. 

32691010 smallA double chin, also known as submental fat, is a common condition that occurs when a layer of fat develops below the chin. It is due to weight gain in overweight people and to genetic factors as it can appear in normal weight people too. 

46410961 smallLocal fat, which is not treated with diet or physical activity, is a problem that many are concerned about. To treat local fat we use cryolipolysis and mesotherapy in which we inject special fat-soluble substances.

63510053 smallAs we grow older, we lose the normal fat in our face, our cheeks "empty" and our face becomes "heavier" gaining more volume towards the jaw.

63510053 smallSkin loosening concerns all of us. It is one of the most important challenges for the dermatologist, who has to treat it by using different non-invasive techniques.

63510053 smallOne problem that many of us are concerned with is that as we grow older our lips gradually lose their volume. The upper lip loosens and becomes thinner, while fine lines appear around the lips, also known as "smoker’s" lines. In other cases, we just want our lips to look more juicy and hydrated. In order to improve our lips, we mainly use hyaluronic acid fillers.

46410961 smallAcne is a very common skin problem. It mainly affects adolescents but lately it seems to affect adults as well.

98353758 smallΙδρώνετε πολύ και σχηματίζεται ένα τεράστιο υγρό σημάδι στην μπλούζα ή στο πουκάμισο σας;

Το ξέρετε ότι υπάρχει μια εντυπωσιακή, γρήγορη λύση σ’ αυτό το πρόβλημα, το οποίο μπορεί να σας κρατήσει «στεγνούς» για αρκετούς μήνες;

62019561 smallHair loss is the increased loss of hair on the scalp. A normal person loses 50-120 hair a day. An increase in this number leads to hair loss.

62540861 smallLaser hair removal is a modern, popular method of hair removal that both men and women prefer.

88194112 smallThe stretch marks are linear red or white slots on the skin surface. It is a form of atrophic scars caused by the sharp and abrupt stretching of the skin.

73096319 smallThese are usually the vertical lines found in the decolte of women, which develop with age due to reduced collagen and elastin production and become worse because of the size of the breast and the way we sleep.


84956633 smallCellulite is called the appearance of skin-deepening abnormalities on the buttocks, thighs and lower abdomen of women, resembling an orange peel. This is due to the deposition of fat between the connective tissue cells, which have lost their elasticity under the skin. Cellulite affects about 90% of adult women and appears to be due to hereditary, hormonal, nutritional factors, and to a lesser extent depends on the level of daily exercise.

74374520 smallSkin loosening concerns all of us. It is one of the most important challenges for the dermatologist, who has to treat it by using different non-invasive techniques.

32691010 smallThere are often skin lesions on the face and body that have the colour of the skin or are pigmented, which people call 'moles'. 

64540912 smallMaintaining a good skin quality is a key concern in our clinic. Over time and exposure to sunlight, the skin loses its ability to produce adequate amounts of collagen and elastin and changes its texture and appearance. 

13535936 smallThese are face and neck skin folds. Depending on the mechanism that creates them, they are distinguished in dynamic, induced by strong muscle contractions and static, created by the natural process of aging due to a decrease in collagen and elastin production. The main treatment for the restoration of dynamic wrinkles or otherwise expression wrinkles, are the use of wrinkle relaxant proteins. 

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