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Radiofrequencies (RF) are a new technology that seems to be effective in facial and body skin tightening. It has also been observed to contribute (in conjuction with other techniques: cavitation-drainage) to body sculpting and reducing cellulite. It is a non-invasive technique, pleasant and painless.

How does it work?

The use of 3MAX plus multipolar radiofrequency promotes the fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin which results in a firmer and younger looking skin.

To whom RF tightening (3MAX plus) is applied?

Radio frequencies (RF) apply to all skin types. The face, the neck, the abdomen, the arms, the legs (thighs), the buttocks are areas where this treatment works very well for people with mild to moderate skin loosening.

How is it applied? Is it painful?

Glycerin is applied on the surface of the skin and then the machine head is applied to the skin with gentle movements. Pleasant warmth is created and most patients feel "relaxed" during the treatment. One can feel mild discomfort but only for a moment.

How long does 3MAX plus treatment last?

The duration depends on the treated area and ranges from 20 - 60 minutes.

When can I go back to my activities?

At the end of the skin tightening session, there is redness on the skin, which leaves completely within the next 20 '. Therefore, one can return to his activities immediately.

How often is it applied?

RF treatments are repeated weekly and usually require 8-10 sessions to achieve the best results.

Who is the ideal candidate for this treatment?

People with mild-to-moderate skin loosening problems.

Are there any contraindications?

It is contraindicated in people suffering from collagen diseases.

Which treatments can be combined with?

It is perfectly combined with mesotherapy, microdermabration, dermapen, muscle relaxers, hyaluronic acid fillers, threads, fractional laser as well as mesotherapy for cellulite.

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