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It is a very common skin viral infection that is caused by the human papilloma virus. There are about 130 known virus strains. Different virus strains affect different skin areas. Types 1, 2 and 3 are responsible for the warts on the palms and soles.

How do warts appear?

They are rough, raised skin lesions, the surface of which looks like a cauliflower. They appear on the hands and soles and are usually asymptomatic. They can be painful when they appear on the soles or under the nails (subungual warts). Sometimes they appear on the face, knees etc.

How are they transmitted?

Direct contact with a person suffering from warts as well as the use of objects previously used by that person should be avoided, since it is a contagious disease. Warts can appear several months after the contact with the virus. The appearance of the disease also depends on the person’s immune system which explains why some people never seem to have warts despite their constant exposure to the virus.

How are warts treated?

There are several therapeutic methods depending on the type of wart, the area and the patient’s age. Many topical medicines, cryotherapy and special lasers systems are used. It is a persistent disease and usually repetative sessions of cryotherapy are needed as well as a combination of different therapeutic techniques.

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