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How many types of skin cancer are there?

Skin cancer is the uncontrolled increase of skin cells. Depending on the type of cells that increase, we classify them into:

1. Basal-cell carcinoma: It’s the “most benign” type of skin cancer. It grows slowly and its removal, whether surgically or with cryosurgery, means complete cure.
2. Squamous-cell carcinoma: A more aggressive type compared to basal-cell carcinoma since it can give metastases to internal organs. Early diagnosis can lead to full recovery.
3. Melanoma: It’s the most aggressive type of skin cancer. It appears as a mole in dark brown colour, black, skin colour or as a “change” on a pre-existing one.

It is important to know that any change on a pre-existing mole (nevus) or the appearance of a new one after the age of 35 should motivate us to seek a dermatologist’s advice.

When we examine our moles, this mnemonic rule is important:

• A asymmetry = when you draw a line and the halves don’t match
• B border = outline (uneven borders in the periphery of the lesion)
• C colour = a variety of colours is a warning signal
• D diameter = should be less than 6mm
• E elevation = raised lesions on the surface of the skin with uneven texture

Early diagnosis of the melanoma can lead to complete cure whereas a late diagnosis could be fatal.

What are the risk factors for skin cancer?

• People with light skin, blonde or red hair and “light ‘’coloured eyes (blue or green).
• People with many nevi (>100).
• People that easily burn in the sun.
• People who have had sunburns during childhood.
• People with a family history in skin cancer.
• People who work or exercise outside.
• People who use Solarium.


• Avoiding exposure to the sun, especially during the dangerous hours of the day (12.00 – 14.00).
• Frequent use of sunscreen.
• Use of special clothes against UV radiation, especially for people of high risk.


It depends on the type of skin cancer.


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