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Cryosurgery (also known as cryotherapy) is a medical procedure in which liquid nitrogen is injected via a special device, either in the form of spray or with the use of special probes on the surface of the skin. A cold burn is created on the skin, the depth of which depends on the time the liquid nitrogen is applied. This time varies from a few seconds to a few minutes and it has to do with the kind of lesion we treat. The dead skin gradually falls off, along with the “lesion” after a few days or weeks.

What is cryosurgery used for?

It is used to treat:

• Benign skin lesions like verrucae (warts), warts, papules, seborrheic hyperkeratosis, dark patches, keloids etc.
• Precancerous conditions like e.g. radial hyperkeratosis.
• In some cases of skin cancer like basal-cell carcinoma and squamous-cell carcinoma (in early stages or elderly patients with health problems where surgical removal is not feasible).

Is it painful?

The treatment is usually well tolerated, and, in most cases, no special preparation is needed. The patient feels a “burning”, the intensity of which varies depending on the time needed. However, in treatments of long duration, it is best to use an anesthetic cream beforehand or even have a local anesthesia.

What do I need to be careful of after the cryosurgery?

An edema (swelling) appears on the skin and sometimes, when the treatment is intense, it can turn into a “blister” 2-3 days after the application. We tend to the wound using a local antibiotic cream. After the skin is healed we start using sunscreen.

Are there cases in which cryosurgery cannot be applied?

It cannot be applied to people with cold intolerance, cold urticaria (allergy to cold), Raynaud’s disease and cryoglobulinemia.

What are possible complications from cryosurgery?

It is a usually safe and well tolerated method. Hypopigmentation (white marks) or hyperpigmentation (brown spots) are possible complications that can appear on the skin right after cryosurgery. Rarely, in very aggressive treatments, scars may be created.


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