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What are nevi (moles)?

Nevi are benign skin lesions that are common in all people. They are created by the accumulation of melanocytes (cells that produce melanin). They naturally appear on the skin up to the age of 35. Any new nevus/mole appearance after that age should motivate us to seek an experienced dermatologist’s advice.

Are moles being altered during our lifetime?

In time, a person’s moles can change from being flat to being raised. Their colour may also get darker or hair may grow on them. Sometimes nevi automatically disappear. It is also known that nevi get darker during pregnancy and after exposure to sun radiation. In general, we should regularly check our moles in order to be able to recognize any changes in early stages.

What should motivate me to seek my dermatologist’s advice?

Any change that will appear to a nevus according to the following mnemonic rule:

• A asymmetry = when you draw a line and the halves don’t match
• B border = outline (uneven borders in the periphery of the lesion)
• C colour = a variety of colours is a warning signal
• D diameter = should be less than 6mm
• E elevation = raised lesions on the surface of the skin with uneven texture

People with a family history of melanoma or atypical nevus as well as people with light skin and lots of nevi should be checked as a precaution by a dermatologist at least once a year.

What is mole mapping?

It is an important diagnostic test. It is a record of all nevi of a person using digital photography. This allows us to objectively identify and evaluate dermoscopic lesions in existing nevi, as well as trace the appearance of new ones. It is a basic test, especially for people with a high number of nevi, because it helps in the early diagnosis of melanoma.

How can nevi be removed?

The benign moles can be removed with CO2 laser shave technique or surgically. The method we choose depends on the kind, the size and the area on the skin the mole is located. In case of any suspicion that the nevus is malign, it should be surgically removed and sent for biopsy.

What should I be careful of?

In any case, prevention is the best treatment. We check our moles regularly, we wear sunscreen with a high SPF and we avoid sun exposure. We are in touch with our dermatologist in order to get the appropriate advice on how we should keep a healthy skin.

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