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It is a modern anti-aging method in which our own blood cells are used. We draw plasma (component of blood) rich in platelets (platelets-rich plasma), which is then injected into the skin. The method is also known in medical aesthetic as ACR (autologous cellular regeneration).

How does it work?

The platelets are a source of GFS (growth factors) which are responsible for many cell functions. They contribute to:
• The rejuvenation and regeneration of the tissues.
• The increase in collagen production.
• The acceleration of wound healing.

Using these GF functions, we succeed in having an instant stimulation of the fibroblasts in order to produce collagen, resulting in the improvement of the texture and the turgor of the skin.

How is ACR face lift treatment applied?

10-20ml of ACR blood is taken from the patient, which is spun in a centrifuge to separate the plasma from red blood cells .Then it is injected into the skin using the mesothrapy technique. In some cases (usually when combined with fractional Co2 laser) it is injected by using Dermapen or as mask by using a special kit. The treatment lasts 30-40 minutes.

Which areas can be treated with ACR?

Apart from the face, it can be applied on:
• The neck.
• The decolltage.
• The dorsal surface of hands.
• The scalp (treating hair loss).

Are there side effects?

Possible side effects are: mild swelling, ecchymoses (bruises) and erythema (redness) for about 6 to 24 hours. The treatment is applied to all skin types during the whole year.

How many sessions are needed and how long the results last?

The age of the patient and the condition of the skin determine the number of sessions needed as well as the outcome of the treatment. We usually recommend 3 sessions, one per month. The maintenance is achieved with 1-2 treatments per year.

In which cases is contraindicated?

• Smokers, alcoholics, drug users.
• Platelet dysfunction syndrome.
• Serious thrombocytopaenia.
• Hypoprothrombinaemia.
• Chronic and acute infections.
• People treated with antiplatelet medications.
• Chronic liver disease.
• People with serious skin diseases or skin cancer.
• Serious metabolic and systemic diseases.

With what other treatments is autologous mesotherapy combined?

It can be combined with fractional co2 laser, photo-rejuvenation, peelings, dermapen, hyaluronic acid fillers, PDO threads.

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