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It is the most common cause of hair loss in men which has a genetic predisposition. It can affect all ages, even people before their 20s, whereas 50% of men will develop alopecia of androgenetic type before the age of 50. Many external factors can cause an acceleration of hair loss such as stress, crash diets, medications, chronic diseases.

How does it appear?

It has a specific clinical appearance. It begins with hair loss/thinning above the temples and expands centrally towards the forehead and later on the back, at the top of the head. A change in the quality of the hair is also noticed since it becomes thinner.

Can women develop androgenic alopecia?

Women can develop androgenic alopecia. Apart from heredity, hormonal factors also contribute to its appearance like polycystic ovaries and menopause. The clinical appearance is different since here we have hair thinning, mainly on the central part of the head.

How is it treated?

We usually recommend a combination of treatments depending on the age, the sex and the severity of the disease.

• We use oral multivitamin formulations and finasteride.
• Topical formulations: We normally use combinations of several substances like minoxidil, finasteride, dutasteride, cortisone, progesterone (on women) and oestradiol (on women) in lotion form.
• Mesotherapy with mixtures of vitamins, trace elements and amino acids.
• We also use ACR autologous mesotherapy: It seems that the growth factors in the plasma help fight hair loss and develop hair with the following mechanisms:
a. They stimulate the follicle to produce healthier hair.
b. They aid in creating new microcirculation which channel nutritional ingredients, oxygen and trace elements into the hair follicle.

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