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The brown spots mainly located on the dorsal surface of the hands and the decolte are treated with the use of peelings, microdermabration and laser systems specialized in the treatment of pigmented disorders .The spider veins of the lower limbs, cherry angiomas (red moles), as well as haemangiomas found in the body are the red lesions that are treated with the use of special laser systems.

Brown spots

What are brown spots?

Brown spots are localized, brown lesions that usually appear on the face, on the dorsal surface of the upper limbs, on the back. They are acquired, that is, they appear after years of sun exposure, while a hereditary predisposition may coexist. Freckles, on the other hand, are hereditary spots.

How are the brown spots treated?
I. With special IPL and Laser systems: Treatment success rates are quite high and depend on how “dark” the lesions are. In general, the darker the lesions, the faster they respond to treatment.
II. Mesotherapy.
III. Special Peeling.

What do my spots/freckles look like after the Laser treatment?

They get darker after the end of the session which lasts about 10 days. The colour gradually fades away and the final result is visible in about 4 weeks. If the colour persists, a second session can be performed.

What should I be careful of after the end of the treatment?

Sun exposure should be avoided. The use of sunscreen throughout the year should be a daily routine; otherwise the pigmenatation will probably return.

Spider veins on the legs

Spider veins are small dilated blood vessels, visible on the face or legs. They do not create any symptom but cause discomfort for aesthetic reasons.

Where are the causes of spider veins on the legs?

Spider veins on the legs appear in people who have a hereditary predisposition and they usually get worse during pregnancy. Other aggravating factors are excessive body weight, prolonged standing or sitting position , lack of exercise, use of traumatic hair removal methods (e.g. wax).

How are they treated?

With the use of special laser systems which, depending on the wavelength, can treat the fine capillary vessels as well as the larger , more resistant ones. We should mention that these lasers can treat other vascular lesions as well like cherry angiomas (cherry red papules) etc.

Is the treatment of spider veins painful?

Most patients describe an irritation like small stings or "like being beaten by a rubber band". Usually any intolerance is improved with the use of cold pads. Patients can go back to their daily routine right after the treatment.

How does my skin look like afterwards?

The blood vessels turn into an intense red or purple exactly after the treatment. This colour fades slowly. The duration of complete recovery depends mainly on the size of the blood vessel (it is longer for larger blood vessels).

What should I be careful of after the treatment?

Avoiding sun exposure and use of sunscreen are considered necessary. For these reasons the treatments should be conducted during the winter months. It is also best to avoid warm showers and the use of sauna.

How many sessions are needed?

It depends on the size of the blood vessels. Usually 1-3 sessions spaced no less than 1 ½ months apart.

When are the results visible?

The results are usually visible after 6 weeks. In cases of large blood vessels, it can probably take a few more months.

Are there possible side effects?

Sometimes, small scabs may appear at the treating area, which go away completely with the use of special therapeutic creams within 10 to 15 days.

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