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Year after year aesthetic dermatology gains ground in the preferences of modern man who seeks mild aesthetic procedures to improve his appearance. At SkinClinic4you we use all the new methods that offer discreet but real results to our male patients.

Men spend more time and money on their appearance than ever before. The competitive work environment and the era of image which we live in has made them to pay attention to the way they look too. High in their preferences are treatments that are fast and have minimal recovery time.

A man should pay attention not only to the treatment that suits his own needs, but also the dermatologist, who has to be aware of the latest trends that apply to men according to their biological, anatomical and psychological differences.

Aesthetic dermatology has come to the point that we are no longer talking about applying the treatments on men the way they are applied on women. Almost always there are variations in techniques, dosages and of course the entire treatment protocol chosen for the modern man.

The main issues they are most interested in improving are:


Nobody likes a “tired” wrinkly face. Dermatology can offer solution to this problem with non-invasive techniques in less than 30 minutes. We can stop the muscle contraction that causes the dynamic wrinkles, as on the forehead or the glabella (click here for more). We can also restore the lost volume from areas of the face that cause the annoying folds and wrinkles like on the cheeks and around the mouth or even create a more squared chin (click here for more).

Acne scars

Acne often leaves scars on the face as well as in the body (mainly on the back). Nowadays, there are ways that a man can get rid of annoying scars and have a smooth and fresh skin (click here for more).

Hair loss

A very large percentage of men observe a gradual hair loss, especially after 30. Aesthetic dermatology now offers scientific ways to limit hair loss as well as restore the hair of the scalp (click here for more).


Sweat is a normal function of our body. However, in some cases we have excess sweat secretion under the armpits, palms and soles, which we can easily treat by using wrinkle relaxants in these areas (click here for more).

Dry and red skin

Dry and red skin is an issue for many men. After making the diagnosis for the cause of them, the appropriate treatment protocol will be applied.

Hair removal

Excessive hair growth on the face as well as on the body (back, chest, neck, legs) is often annoying. This can be treated quickly, easily and safely with laser treatments, relieving man from annoying hair growth (click here for more).

Spots on the face/body (moles)

As we grow older skin lesions appear on the face or the body which have the colour of the skin or are pigmented. People call them ‘’moles’’. These are usually either viral lesions, known as skin tags, or seborrheic keratoses. (They come with the age/ we get them after the age of 30). And though removing them is an easy and quick procedure, many of them live with these ‘’moles’’ because they don't know how simple it is to get rid of them. These lesions are easily and permanently removed either by using CO2 laser or cryotherapy (click here for more).

Brown spots, red marks, dark circles

The discoloration problems, is one of the most common issues the dermatologist deals with. My patients seek advice on how to improve these patches and the brown spots, the red lesions (red face/telangiectasia/cherry hemangiomas etc.) and the dark circles under the eyes (click here for more).

Local fat

Local fat (mainly on the abdomen and the flanks), which cannot be dealt with diet or exercise, is a problem that concerns many men. Cryolipolysis is a new method that can face this problem non-invasively (click here for more).

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