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Acne is a very common skin disorder. It mainly affects adolescents but lately it seems to affect adults as well.

What is acne?

It is a disease of the sebaceous glands of the skin. Several factors contribute to its appearance: hormonal, inherited, environmental or due to use of inappropriate cosmetics.

How many types of acne are there?

There are several types of acne depending on the “lesion” that stands out.

• When there are many white and black heads (clogged skin follicles- comedones) then we talk about comedonal acne.
• When there are red, small lesions with a bit of fluid, it is called papular or papulopustural.
• When there are nodules or cysts then the acne is nodular or cystic.

Depending on the type and the number of lesions, acne can be classified as mild, moderate and severe.

What are the treatments for acne?

• Topical treatments with special therapeutic agents that are used at home, such as benzoic or azelaic acid, adapalene, clindamycin etc., after a good skin cleansing using the appropriate cleanser.
• Topical treatments administered in a medical office like special salicylic acid peelings, microdermabrasion, as well as laser-light (delivering certain specific wavelengths of light).
• Systemic treatments, which are taken orally, like antibiotics (tetracyclines, macrolides), vitamin A derivatives (isotretinoin), birth control pills in women and supplements like zinc.

How does laser act in the treatment of active acne?

The use of light systems is an essential weapon in the treatment of inflammatory acne, significantly reducing or in some cases completely replacing the need for oral medication.

There are two ways of action:
• The function of Corynebacterium acnes (a bacterium involved in the pathogenesis of the disease) is suspended.
• There is shrinkage of the sebaceous gland, which is the basic anatomical structure that suffers in acne.

How is the treatment applied?

Special light systems are applied on the skin surface, either alone or in combination with special photosensitizers. The whole procedure lasts 15-20 minutes.

How many treatments are needed?

One treatment every 1-2 weeks. The total number of sessions depends on the severity of the disease.

Is it painful?

The treatment is very well tolerated. There is no need for use of an anaesthetic cream or any kind of preparation beforehand.

What does my skin look like afterwards?

There is a mild erythema after the session which lasts only for a few days.

Is there way to improve the red acne marks?

Red acne marks can be very annoying. There’s a great improvement with the use of special laser systems (the same ones we use to treat varices). A treatment per month is usually needed.

When will the acne go away? What should I be careful of?

Have patience since acne is a chronic disease and not a virus that can be treated in 10-20 days. A good co-operation between patient and doctor is needed. ”It’s a long trip”. The use of soaps and make-up is not sufficient to treat acne. On the contrary, delayed or wrong treatment can create permanent scarring.

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